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Dubuque County Supervisor candidate loses Republican endorsement

Curt Kiessling is a Dubuque Co. supervisor candidate and current Asbury city council member Curt Kiessling is a Dubuque Co. supervisor candidate and current Asbury city council member

DUBUQUE COUNTY (KWWL) -- The Dubuque County Republican party is pulling its endorsement of supervisor candidate Curt Kiessling.

That came Monday, after the party learned Kiessling broke a police officer's leg during a 2001 traffic stop.

It happened just north of the intersection of Northwest Arterial and Pennsylvania Avenue, according to the official criminal complain documents. Police stopped Kiessling for traffic violations, Kiessling got upset, a scuffle took place and one officer wound up with a broken leg.

Kiessling pleaded guilty in 2002 to his two charges of interference with official acts and assault of a police officer.

"That whole situation was just a bunch of bad things that were culminating. We'll call it the perfect storm," Kiessling said of the incident. "And that's just the way it is. I did some things that were really stupid. Some things that were really foolish."

Kiessling since ran and won a seat on the Asbury City Council. He is currently in his first of a four-year term.

Dubuque County Republican party chair Brian Gilligan said this mistake from the past was one too many.

"Many, many folks have been pulled over by the police. Most of us don't break the officer's leg in the process. This flies in the face of reasonable and customary," Gilligan said.

He, along with the rest of the county Republican party board, found out about Kiessling's history Monday.

"We're all frustrated. Everyone in the party spent a lot of time, effort and money, frankly, supporting his candidacy, and we feel like he should have been more forthcoming," Gilligan said. "Had he been, I don't know what would have happened, but I suspect the central committee wouldn't have said, 'we'll support you as a candidate.'"

"After this much time, I guess, I didn't see this as such a big deal," Kiessling said. "This is something in my past. Let's move on."

As for the future of the campaign, Kiessling said, "If I continue in this race - and I say 'if' because I don't know yet... I never intended this race to be personal... I want to do what's best for the people of Dubuque County, even if that means I should step out of the race."

"We don't generally do background checks on candidates," Gilligan said. "We will now."

Kiessling is running against one other Republican and two democrats for the two open seats -- Daryl Klein of Durango, incumbent Eric Manternach of Cascade and incumbent Donna Smith of Dubuque.

Online Reporter Becca Habegger

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