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Oh Baby: CPR Class

by Sunny Layne

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- It is a moment every parent fears: finding a child choking or not breathing.

But saving a life can be easier than you think.

The Red Cross urges everyone, parents included, to learn CPR and First Aid.

"It's critical for care to begin for a child right away," Red Cross CPR and First Aid instructor Robert Jones said. "Much more than an adult."

Children have special needs. Their bodies demand more oxygen than adults, and their hearts beat faster.

"A lot of people make the assumption that children are small adults, they're not," he said. "Their airways are much smaller."

CPR provides the life-saving service of pumping oxygenated blood through the baby's body and organs.

Jones teaches the emergency action steps, "Check, Call, Care."

After no signs of breathing, the class begins a series of 30 chest compressions coupled with two breaths.

Jones teaches students how to help a conscious infant who is choking.

"The baby is not crying," he said during the class. "It's turning blue..."

He tells students to alternate five back blows with five chest compressions done with two fingers.

The class learns how to then help an older conscious child who is choking.

"Tell the child what you're going to do. 'I am going to pat your back, I am not going to hurt you,'" he said.

These future life savers alternate between five back blows and five abdominal thrusts.

Youth shelter worker Amy Jones says her licensing requires annual CPR training.

"When a situation arises, which it does often, you can be as prepared as possible," she said.

Amy Jones said knowledge increases her confidence.

"I feel prepared for when something could arise," she said. "At home, work, wherever it might be."

That's exactly why Robert Jones says everyone, especially parents, need to get CPR certified.

"It's a known fact children like to play and put things in their mouth. It's very easy to get an object stuck in an airway and choke," he said.

To learn more about CPR, click here.

The class also gives AED training, or automated external defibrillators, to help those in cardiac arrest.

On next week's Oh Baby report, meet one eastern Iowa woman who saved a newborn baby's life in a crowded restaurant - all because she learned CPR and stepped in.

Online Anchor: Sunny Layne

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