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Stork brings a surprise bundle... and a hard-to-believe tale

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- It sounds like a story straight from Reality TV. And the reality is -- you can't make this stuff up.

"I woke up about two in the morning with severe cramps. I thought, okay, not a big deal. So I laid back down. About an hour later, they got worse," Amanda Burger began.

Wednesday morning, Amanda Burger and her husband Paul rushed into the Emergency Room. Amanda thought she ate a bad sandwich, or worse, had a ruptured appendix.

"They gave me morphine for the pain, and then they were going to do a CAT Scan," she explained.

Doctors brought Amanda into a small exam room. They began running the usual tests for someone with stomach problems. That happens to include a pregnancy test. When the results came back, it was clear this was not a case of appendicitis.

"I was drinking the CAT Scan liquid stuff," Amanda recalled, "all of the sudden he walked back in, within an hour, and he just grabbed the cup of the stuff I was drinking and said, you don't need this anymore, you're pregnant."

That's right -- Amanda had no idea she was 36 weeks pregnant. You're probably thinking, "that's impossible," and that's exactly what was going through her head as well.

"Paul had no expression, and I'm sitting there going -- what?" she said.

She had a regular menstrual cycle, wasn't sick, and even after a few strangers approached her on the street asking when she was due, Amanda still thought, no way.

"I did six pregnancy tests over the course of five or six months, and they all came back negative. I never had any weight gain, never had any eating habits that changed," she added.

Paul and Amanda have an 11-year old, and figured they'd have another child someday. Their motto was always, "when it happens, it happens." They just thought it would "happen" with a little more warning.

"That's kind of a moot point at that point. They didn't know, and here we are," said ER Nurse Brent Nelson.

"Here" is where the story takes another turn.

"We don't do OB at Sartori. We do not do OB at Sartori," Nelson noted.

Sartori doctors had not delivered a baby for two years. But at this point, Amanda was so far along, they didn't have a choice.

"We took her down to ultrasound, did a quick ultrasound, and saw a fetus, and saw that it was going down into the birth canal," explained Nelson.

That's when they called for help from the experts at Covenant Family Birthing Center.

"I was astonished, like, I couldn't believe it, and could not imagine," FBC Nurse Jennifer Johnson remembered. "I was very nervous coming over here, not knowing the gestation, no prenatal care, and not knowing what we were walking into."

Considering the child had no prenatal care, and Amanda's realization she hadn't even felt her baby kick, she and the nurses were dreading the worst.

"That's what scared me, was, is she even going to come out alive? Because, there was no movement," said Amanda.

"She was worried. You could see it in her eyes. And she was very relieved when it turned out okay," Nelson said.

A healthy baby girl, born on September 22nd. Which is where the final twist comes in.

"The 22nd is my Grandfather's birthday," Amanda explained.

It's also the day Grandpa's son Tim was born, as well as Grandpa's granddaughter, Amanda's sister Christy. Now the fourth generation of First-Day-of-Fall babies is carrying on the family name, thanks to husband Paul's idea to give the male name a feminine spin.

"He's like, I think we should name her McKinlee after your grandfather," Amanda smiled.

91-year-old Great-Grandpa McKinley met his namesake Wednesday morning -- the only difference is the two "e"'s to his "ey". Their son Ben is thrilled to be a big brother. And someday little McKinlee will have quite a tale to tell about the day mom and dad found out they were having a baby.

Online Reporter Colleen O'Shaughnessy

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