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Dubuque Greyhound Park signs 5 year contract


DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- The Dubuque Racing Association and the Iowa Gaming Association have signed a five year contract to continue greyhound racing in Dubuque. In March, we told you about a possible buy out that would end racing across the state.

Harrah's Casinos offered to pay $7 million over seven years for the state to shut down greyhound racing by July 1. The plan included $3 million per year from the DRA but the bill didn't make it out of committee. The contract was announced Tuesday at the DRA meeting.

But for the last few months, the Dubuque Greyhound Race Track's future was uncertain.

"When I voted yes for racing in Dubuque, I voted with the residual of that which are the retired greyhounds," said greyhound owner Cindy Kolhman.

And for the last few years Kolhman has been doing her part to help retired greyhounds.

"If they were going to finish and end greyhound racing, what would happen to those dogs? Where would they go?," Kolhman said.

In March, we spoke with Kolhman about the possibility of the Dubuque Greyhound Park closing. She admitted she was worried about what might happen to the dogs.

Tuesday's announcement of a five year contract is something Kolhman says will affect everyone.

"I think every job counts and realizing that in the racing industry you have the kennel owners and the people who work for the kennel owners, you have the trainers you have the veterinarians. You have the suppliers of the food. So you have a whole host of people that are employed or directly employed by the racing industry," said Kolhman.

No one from Dubuque Greyhound Park or Mystique Casino was available to speak with us on camera. However, they told our coverage partners at the Dubuque Telegraph Herald they are glad to put this issue to rest, for now.

"The dogs get to keep their jobs, the kennel owners. So I would say for now it's a win win," Kolhman said.

The DRA's contract will be discontinued if the state moves to end greyhound racing in the coming years. There is a no-lobbying clause in the contract. But that expires after three years.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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