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Funding cuts for UNI athletics


CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) -- The UNI Panthers will soon have to find additional sources of funding.  A decision Thursday by the Board of Regents means the college will receive about a half-percent less from the general fund to pay for athletic programs.  Meanwhile, Iowa State will become completely self-sufficient, receiving no funds from the general line.

UNI's athletic programs have only been getting better in recent years, and that has driven more students to come to the college for their education.

"The key things to come out of the Sweet 16 last year was it gave people a lot of reason to look at Northern Iowa.  Before they had no reason to look at us," said Troy Dannen, UNI athletic director.

So any cut to UNI athletic funding could jeopardize the success of the entire college.

"We carefully analyzed how much we could cut without jeopardizing the competitiveness of the athletic teams, without reducing student athlete welfare," said Ben Allen, UNI President.

The plan to make that happen means adding an extra football game against a regional competitor, which will bring in around $500,000, along with increased fundraising efforts outside the Cedar Valley.

"The future is going to the Des Moines area where we have 10,000 alums and we only have 70 in our scholarship club.  Future is going to Des Moines, and Cedar Rapids, getting that footprint from alums outside the Cedar Valley recommitted to the athletic department," Dannen said.

If fans keep showing their Panther pride, athletes shouldn't feel the pain of these cuts.

Online Reporter:  Kera Mashek


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