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Lawsuit filed against officers and city over Eric Rule shooting

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WATERLOO (KWWL) -- A lawsuit has been filed against the City of Waterloo and the two officers involved in the September 2009 shooting death of Eric Rule.

The suit was filed on behalf of the Estate of Eric Rule by Cedar Rapids attorney Brad Brady.

In the suit, Brady claims that Eric Rule never did anything to provoke the actions that were used against him.

Brady says in documents that Officer Bose tried to tackle Eric without any warning or provocation. He says that after Bose grabbed Rule, the two fell to the ground and Sullivan began punching Rule in the head.

He goes on to say that Bose and Sullivan used their TASER's on Rule, but they didn't work because neither officer used them correctly.

He then says that Sullivan tried to "dry tase" Rule, but before they could determine the effectiveness of that method, Bose shot Rule twice in quick succession hitting him in the thigh and then the chest.

Brady claims that Bose did not announce that he was going to shoot Rule and did not wait to see if the first shot was successful in stopping Rule before he fired the second shot.

In addition, Brady claims that neither Bose nor Sullivan used less lethal methods, such as pepper spray or a baton, before shooting Rule.

The lawsuit also contends that none of the officers on scene, including Bose and Sullivan, did anything to determine whether Rule was alive or to provide any medical attention to him.

Brady also says that Bose was only treated for minor injuries, mostly bruises, and was not diagnosed with any serious injuries and was sent home within hours.

The suit also claims negligence on behalf of the city for not properly training and supervising the officers.

Officer's Bose and Sullivan were called to Rule's home at 611 Keystone Street at around 2:15 am on September 12, 2009.

Rule's wife, Bethany, called 9-1-1 saying that her husband had come home drunk and she wanted him removed from the home.

Bose and Sullivan said they had problems controlling Rule and he was being unruly.

Bose says as he and Rule were walking down the driveway, Rule punched him in the face and when he tried to hip check Rule, they both fell to the ground. Bose claims that Rule then put one finger in his eye and the other hand in his mouth and began pulling in different directions.

Sullivan and Bose say they then used their TASER's on Rule and they didn't work, so Bose shot Rule, killing him.

In December, a grand jury cleared Bose of any criminal wrongdoing in the shooting death of Rule.

Rule's father-in-law, Keith Shimp, told KWWL during a protest on September 13, 2009, "they never said, Eric turn around so we can handcuff you. They never said that. They never said they were about to take him to the ground. They never warned him they were gonna tase him and they never warned him they were about to shoot."

KWWL has made calls to Brad Brady and Waterloo City Attorney James Walsh for comments on this case. None of those have been returned.

Police Chief Dan Trelka says he hasn't had a chance to read the lawsuit, but will get back to us as soon as he does.

Online Producer: Eric Page

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