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T-Shirt design changed after criticism

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- The owner of a Des Moines based T-shirt company unveiled a new design for a Waterloo inspired product on Monday.  Mike Draper, owner of Raygun, met with Waterloo Mayor Buck Clark at city hall to show off his company's new "Just 'Loo It" design.

Clark was upset earlier this month when Draper's company unveiled a design for a shirt that said "Waterloo - You May Recognize us from Cops."  The shirt was on sale for just 12 hours on Sept. 3, before being pulled from the company's website.  That's after Draper heard criticism from Mayor Clark and former Waterloo Mayor Tim Hurley. 

Clark said he is much happier with the new design, saying it's much more positive.  Draper was just surprised city officials even noticed.

"It was kind of a surprise since we don't really take ourselves particularly seriously and like I said since we've never even been contacted by anybody in Des Moines, it was funny to get contacted by people in Waterloo," Draper said.

"I think that the shirt we're going to present now from Waterloo, or that Mike is going to, is really going to reflect something. It is cute and it has a meaning and it has a positive meaning and I'm just very pleased with it," Mayor Clark said.

The shirt will be available at the store's website soon.  Draper tells us he hopes to donate the proceeds to the North End Fest.

Online Producer: Mike Verlo

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