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UNI says athletics need funding to survive


CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) -- The Iowa Board of Regents want the 3 state athletic programs to be self-supported, but UNI says without support from the school's general fund, its athletic program probably won't survive.

In March, the Board of Regents instructed the University of Northern Iowa and Iowa State University to create plans to eliminate or drastically reduce the use of general funds to support their athletic departments. The University of Iowa has been self-sufficient since 2007.

The Board of Regents will review and possibly approve those proposals at a scheduled meeting in Cedar Falls next week.

Current estimates show UNI receives 38.3 percent of its athletic budget from the school's general fund. In its report to the Board of Regents, the university says that eliminating that funding would put an end to Division I competition and possibly to all intercollegiate athletics at the school. UNI argues that very few Division I schools are self-sufficient and that recent budget cuts have already cost the school some administrative staff, scholarships and its baseball program.

UNI does have a plan to reduce the general fund support by 18.3 percent by FY2015 by increasing fundraising and possibly adding another game against a bowl subdivision opponent.

Estimates for 2010 show that ISU receives about 3.8 percent of its athletic funding from the school's general fund. The school's proposal would eliminate that funding by the 2010-2011 fiscal year by using student financial aid set aside for reimbursement.

 Online reporter:  Jenn Jarvis

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