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Veterans TEE Tournament in Riverside


RIVERSIDE (KWWL) -- It's 9:15 on a Tuesday morning, and military veteran Mark Sanders is already getting a round of golf in. He's using a special golf cart, one that assists him with standing. Sanders is disabled, but he's not spending his time focusing on that fact, just the hole at hand. This is the National Disabled Veteran's TEE Tournament at Riverside Casino and Golf Resort.

"The TEE Tournament is all about training, exposure and experience," said tournament director Kirt Sickles. "Getting the guys out here that have some physical disabilities, and letting them overcome what that might be."

181 military veterans are taking part in this tournament, which is in its seventeenth year. That includes Army veteran Curtis Maxwell.

"I'm having a good time here," Maxwell said, as he was on the driving range. He and several other participants are getting some tips from pros, before Thursday's best-shot tournament. You wouldn't know it by watching him take a few swings, but Maxwell has a vision impairment.

That's what the pros are here for, though; they help each veteran adapt and overcome. There are also first-timers out on the greens, including Carole Rowland, who we caught working on her short game.

"I've putt-putt golfed before, but not real golf," Rowland told us with a smile. She has some extra encouragement from her service dog, Sam. He's one of a few dogs invited to watch on the course.

Even with the unique challenges facing each of these veterans, it's apparent that this week is a time many will continue to look forward to every year.

"It's a wonderful program, I think," said Marine Corps vet Kirk Riessen. "It's one of those things where you wait for the other shoe to drop; it's almost too good to be true."

Online Reporter: Brady Smith


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