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Breast Cancer bracelet controversy

BALTIC, SOUTH DAKOTA (KWWL) -- Bracelets designed to promote Breast Cancer awareness at a high school near Sioux Falls are now banned.

The bracelets say "I love boobies."  They sell at a cost of $4 in stores with proceeds going to the "Keep A Breast Foundation" in California.

The principal's decision to ban them is stirring conversation, and even controversy.

"If you say, no we're not going to allow them, it's going to appear insensitive to the cause- which is not the case. But at the same time you also have people in the community who would be upset if that was allowed," principal Jim Aisenbery said.

For those who support the cause, they will now need to find another way to show their support.  In Baltic, bracelets won't be the place to start.

Online producer: Mike Verlo

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