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Christopher Peters - Libertarian for State Senate


I was born and raised in Lawrence, Kansas. I am a graduate of the University of Kansas and the University of Kansas School of Medicine. I was an officer in the U.S. Army Medical Corps for nine years, during which I completed my first residency, in general surgery, at Tripler Army Medical Center. After leaving the Army, I completed a second residency, in thoracic surgery, at the University of Oklahoma.

I met my wife, Julie, while completing my residency in general surgery in Hawaii. Julie is originally from Whittemore, Iowa. We find it amusing that a boy from Kansas and a girl from Iowa had to go all the way to Hawaii to meet. Julie was working as a traveling nurse when we met. After marriage, we continued to enjoy traveling, and have lived in Hawaii, Georgia, Oklahoma, Indiana, and Colorado before moving to Iowa in 2004. Julie and I have three sons, each of whom was born in a different state, Cole (Georgia), Jake (Oklahoma), and Caleb (Indiana).

I am the owner of the Iowa City Thoracic and Vascular surgery clinic. Julie works with me as my office manager. My primary hospital is Mercy Medical Center in Iowa City, but I also have privileges at St. Luke's Medical Center and Mercy Hospital in Cedar Rapids, and Allen Hospital in Waterloo.

Why he's running for office:

I made the decision to enter the race for the Iowa State Senate in District 15 for one simple reason: to use my candidacy as an opportunity to raise issues related to the preservation of liberty and prosperity. Like many Iowans, I am concerned about the increasing size and scope of government, and the deleterious effects that growth has had, and will continue to have, resulting in the gradual erosion of our personal freedoms and economic well-being.

Unfortunately, very few politicians, and neither of the two major political parties, are making serious efforts to honestly and comprehensively address these issues. There are very good reasons for this; politicians are generally concerned primarily with the next election cycle, which necessitates that they measure their words and actions in a manner that will optimize their chances for reelection, and the two major political parties fear a reduction in their influence, and their donor base, if the size and scope of government were to decrease.

I have no such limitations; I am not fearful of losing an elected position I do not hold, I have no influence or donor base I fear will contract, and I do not even harbor unrealistic expectations that I will win this election. I do, however, share the fear of many Iowans that if we do not return our state and our country to the values upon which they were founded, we will continue to experience further decline in our personal liberties and economic prosperity. Therefore, I will use my candidacy for the Iowa Senate as a platform from which these concerns can be candidly discussed.

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