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Wet summer equals more dragonflies

by Danielle Wagner

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) -- If you think you've seen more dragonflies lately, you're probably right.

In North America, there are 450 species of dragonflies and they thrive during wet conditions. This is the second wettest summer on record for our state. The wettest being 1993.

Hartman Reserve Nature Center in Cedar Falls has some ideal spots for dragonflies.

Nature Center Director Ed Gruenwald said it's not only the amount of water that impacts dragonflies, but the duration of water on the ground that's a factor.

He said the more standing water and the longer it stands, the more dragonflies.

"The population will fluctuate because the dragonfly larva is aquatic so it requires that standing water for a certain period of time for the larva to develop," said Ed Gruenwald with Hartman Reserve Nature Center.

While we can expect more dragonflies because of wet conditions during the summer, the good news, dragonflies present no threat to people.

"Nothing to be afraid of from dragonflies. They're actually beneficial. Eat a lot of insects we consider pests," said Gruenwald.

Some of those pests include bees, flies, butterflies and mosquitoes.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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