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Former employees speak out against egg plant

GARRISON (KWWL) -- A report out this week from the Food and Drug Administration confirms that rodents, seeping manure, and even maggots were found at two Iowa egg farms. The FDA has been investigating Wright County Egg and Hillandale Farms after more than 1500 cases of salmonella poisoning were reported.

Robert and Deanna Arnold, who live just north of Garrison, raise their own chickens and produce their own eggs. They say after working at a DeCoster owned egg plant in Alden, they'll never buy eggs from a store again.

"We'd come in for the morning and get ready to pack eggs. You would look at the belts and you would see egg yolks underneath the belts, filthy dirty conditions, grease mixed in with the eggs. It wasn't a clean environment," said Robert Arnold.

The Arnolds brought their concerns to plant managers as well as officers with the USDA, but they say nothing was ever done.

"I blame the workers for not being educated. I blame everybody who said, that's just the way things are. It was sad. It was also very frustrating for me because I was reporting something and nothing was getting done," said Arnold.

With many people questioning the eggs they buy at the store more people have turned to purchasing farm fresh eggs. The Arnolds say their business has improved as of late, but that's not why they are coming forward.

"I'm not doing this to gain attention or nothing like that. It's the frustration of telling people and getting ignored and now people are sick on the same stuff I was complaining about," said Arnold.

Wright County Egg released a statement regarding the Arnold's claim. It says their farm is committed to excellent care of their flocks and to producing safe, quality eggs. However, they are not able to discuss individual employee matters.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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