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State Patrol cracking down on texting and driving

DIKE (KWWL)-- Students at Dike-New Hartford High School had a rude awakening Wednesday morning.

Iowa State Troopers were set up outside to crack down on one thing, texting and driving.

"Of course it got everybody. All the kids in school were talking and standing outside watching to see what was going to happen," said Principal Mike Williams.

Students were standing outside trying to see who was going to get caught next. Three state patrol troopers sat outside waiting to see if these kids were taking the no texting and driving law to heart.

"I'm sure the word was out before they were on their way to school after a few got stopped," said Trooper Brian Senne.

The troopers started patrolling at 7:30 Wednesday morning and around 8:00 the first student was pulled over.

"It was a little slow out here today, but we found out later that it was 100 percent compliance with the cell phone and no texting law," said Senne.

In just a half an hour about seven students were pulled over for seat belt or other traffic violations.

Trooper Brian Senne said its good to see students taking the no texting law seriously.

"That is excellent. That means the local media has done their job, law enforcement has done their job and the kids are listening."

Obviously the students didn't have any idea of this project, but neither did the teachers.

Dike-New Hartford High School was picked at random by the State Patrol for this project.

Warnings for drivers being caught texting or talking while driving are being issued for the first year.

Starting June 30, a person ticketed will get fined $100.

Online Reporter: Nikki Newbrough

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