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Avoiding the freshman 15


WAVERLY (KWWL)-- It's not an official medical condition, but it's when college freshmen typically gain about 15 pounds their first semester of college.

There are a lot of freshmen and even returning college students who struggle with weight, but what are some ways to avoid this.  

"Some of these habits you build in college are the habits that you keep your whole life."

And new habits that Wartburg College Wellness Director Dawn Wiegmann says could be good or bad.

She says there are many factors to weight gain in college, but one of main factors is the buffet style cafeteria.

"They get away from mom and dad and its like wow I can eat pizza everyday which at home I would have loved to have done, but we are not aloud to do. So it really is trying to find balance in life and what is healthy," said Weigmann.

Wiegmann says portion control is important when eating, but what is equally important is finding time to work out.

"Some of the students that I work with can't find even a half hour really that they can be dedicated. Well there are so many ways. I mean bigger campuses you can walk different places, 15 minutes here and your walking, maybe at supper time you can take 15 minutes and walk somewhere else."

College can be overwhelming for some students, but Wiegmann says working out can cut down on unneeded stress.

Wiegmann also stresses it is important to ask for help when it comes to questions with diet and exercise.

She says there are resources available at every college.

Online Reporter: Nikki Newbrough


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