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DOT planning Highway 30 expansion


BENTON COUNTY (KWWL) --  It's a scene becoming all too familiar for those who travel this stretch of Highway 30.

''It is a fairly bad stretch of highway, we've had several fatalities on the two lane,'' said Benton County sheriff Randy Forsyth.

Thursday morning's accident that killed two people happened nearly at the same spot as a fatal crash in 2006.

Alyson Clark drives this stretch several times a week to see her boyfriend.

''I know this is a pretty busy road,'' Clark said.

Thursday's accident occurred just about a mile west of where Highway 30 funnels from four lanes to two lanes.

Clark says in her experience, many drivers aren't slowing down and obeying the reduced speed limit.

''People are going so fast to get on the highway and fast coming off the four lane,'' Clark said.

The Iowa Department of Transportation is in the process of addressing the issue.

''We currently have a commitment from the DOT commission to expand Highway 30 to four lanes all across the state,'' said Cathy Cutler, Transportation Planner with the Iowa DOT.

The DOT is currently running a planning study and has money set aside for 2014 and 2015 to buy land to expand the highway for the 14-mile stretch that runs through Benton County.

''We are looking at enough traffic on Highway 30 and enough accidents on Highway 30 to go ahead and do that expansion to four lanes.

While the completion of the project is years down the line, progress is being made in hopes of avoiding scenes like Thursday's in the future.


Online reporter:  Jason Epner


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