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College book stores offer textbook rentals


CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) -- At the beginning of the school year college students have a tough choice to make when it comes textbooks and the reason is simple.

"The cost and how much we're spending and some of these books you might use a chapter or two, that's all we use them for and we spend $200 for a textbook," said UNI Sophomore Susanne Scienszinski.

Some students will go to class and avoid buying the book altogether if they can get away with it.

"I kind of wait for the last minute to see if I really need to buy that textbook," said UNI Senior Matt Bauerly.

Now an even more affordable solution is available for some classes -- renting textbooks.

"The cost has finally caught up to the point students really are savvy trying to find the best price for their books as possible," said Jeremy Strohman of University Book & Supply.

Many students are turning to the internet to find the cheapest price, but employees at University Book & Supply say they can beat any price with a rental.

"They just rent it at a cheaper price than being able to buy it new or used which is saving that money up front that they would have possibly gotten back during buy-back at the end of the semester," said Strohman.

It's very similar to renting a video except with the textbook you are allowed to keep it until Friday of finals week. If you miss the deadline you will face a late fee, but store officials say it's still a bargain.

"Typically it's about 50 to 70 percent off the list price on the textbook rentals so far as of this morning we've rented 1,388 units of textbook rentals," said Strohman.

Last year just 250 universities offered textbook rentals, but that number has jumped to more than a thousand this year.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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