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Egg recall may not be affecting eating habits


WATERLOO (KWWL)--- A nationwide recall of eggs is expanding.  Currently, around half a billion eggs have been recalled because they're contaminated with salmonella.  But the massive recall doesn't seem to be scaring people away from eating their favorite breakfast dish.

Sausages, bacon and eggs sizzle on a Sunday morning at Morg's diner in Waterloo.  But following the massive egg recall, this eatery was worried it might have to ditch a favorite side dish.

"Morg's without eggs is like Red Lobster without seafood," said Samantha Ludwig with Morg's Diner.

And Morg's did have to get rid of several cartons of eggs it had in stock because they were affected by the recall.  But luckily, the diner had not served up any of the bad eggs.

"When you get an egg there's no indication there's anything wrong with it.  They all look normal.  So when it comes in here, we do all we can with storage, preparation, and temperature.  We do everything we can to make it safe.  But it's kind of sad you have to worry about everyone else before it gets here," Ludwig said.

But as for diners, those we talked with say this recall hasn't affected their egg eating habits.

"It hasn't really bothered me too much.  I really didn't even think about it when I ordered eggs this morning," said Sandra Armstrong.

"We weren't worried about Morg's because they have quality food, and they assured us they had fresh eggs," said Gary Norris.

Still, restaurateurs like Samantha Ludwig hope the renewed calls for improved food safety measures that are resulting from this recall are taken seriously.  Then maybe, rotten eggs or other bad food, won't be able to ruin the reputation of local eateries.

You can find an updated list of the eggs that have been recalled here.

KWWL Reporter:  Kera Mashek

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