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Health Plus: Child Immunizations


WATERLOO (KWWL) - August is National Immunization Awareness Month.

Appropriately as children go back to school, getting their required shots are on many parents' to-do list.

In Health Plus, why doctors say these vaccines are protecting more than just the child who gets them.

At just over two months, baby Evelyn is due for some more shots.

"It does concern me when they give so many at once. But I know that a lot of these immunizations have been a round for a long time, so they are tested, the side effects are low so im not too concerned," said Cori Stevens whose baby is getting her shots. 

Parents Cori and Joshua of Evansdale don't like to see their little girl in pain, but they know not getting her immunized could result in much worse.

Cori shes not going to be in a daycare setting but she is around other kids at church and things like that so it's important that she's protected.

August is National Immunization Awareness Month and doctors at Covenant Clinic Pediatrics in Waterloo are happily getting children of all ages up to date on their scheduled vaccinations.

"It's kind of like not just about our children but the other children that are in the daycare or schools so that's why it's really important for every single child to get his shots on time," said Dr. Suhaib Kazmouz, Covenant Clinic Pediatrics.

Doctors say side effects from vaccines are minor and it is much more dangerous to risk exposure to diseases without them.

Dr. Kazmouz said, "If you think about the side effects for the immunizations and you weigh it with the risks when you don't immunize your children, it's way beneficial for them to get the vaccination."

So mom and dad, a few seconds of pain should protect your little one for years to come.

A federal program called "Vaccines for Children" provides free shots to eligible kids.

Ask your doctor's office to see if you qualify.

Tara Thomas:  Online reporter/Anchor

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