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Local family suspects eggs poisoned 16 month old daughter

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- Doctors believe we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to egg-related salmonella poisoning. Iowa's Wright County Egg is voluntarily recalling 380 million eggs, sold under several different brands in grocery stores.

Almost 2,000 cases of salmonella poisoning are linked to these eggs. Federal health officials believe people who got sick after mid-July may not have reported or confirmed their cases yet.

That includes a Waterloo toddler, just released from a hospital a few days ago.

16-month-old Ava Jones is on the mend. But, you can imagine, the last few weeks have been a nightmare for her mom and dad. She was hospitalized twice, lost six pounds, and it wasn't until Saturday that Ava's parents figured out what it was that poisoned their daughter.

Usually, it's hard to keep up with Ava, which is why mom and dad were alarmed when their vibrant little girl lost her sparkle.

"She had no life -- even in her eyes. People would say, look at her eyes, she looks sick. And that's not Ava," her dad Antonio Jones remarked.

"To not know what was wrong with my daughter was the worst part. Not knowing is always really scary, and to watch her lose weight and be so lethargic so long was very scary," said Amy Jones, Ava's mother.

Doctors admitted Ava to the hospital the first week of August. Test after test came back with no answer, and her parents struggled to see their baby hooked up to IVs and a catheter.

"Just the look on her face, like, help me. What can you do? You want her to get better, but at the same time you don't want her to suffer like that. And then those looks -- hearing her cry all day and all night. Just seeing her in pain, I wouldn't wish that on anybody," said Antonio.

"She had actually been hospitalized for eight days before we found out it was salmonella," Amy added.

The next mystery -- where the bacteria came from -- the Jones solved by a weekend trip to the grocery store.

"Dad had been to Fareway, and noticed they had a recall of their eggs. Eggs being one of her favorite foods she eats every day," Amy said. "We are about 99% sure that's where it came from."

The Jones don't blame Fareway. In fact, they continue to shop there.

"We love Fareway! We're there all the time," Amy explained.

But even though Ava is back on her feet, It'll take time before you'll find eggs in their fridge.

"We don't have any right now, and we don't plan on buying any for awhile," said Ava's mom.

Dad knows it's for the best, but he isn't so happy to give up his favorite snack.

"It'll be awhile until we get the okay call... but I miss them!" he said.

Iowa Department of Public Health is testing Ava's salmonella sample to confirm if it is linked to the egg recall. So far, there are no confirmed cases in Iowa.

At this point the Jones' are not planning to sue Wright County Egg. If Public Health testing does confirm that Ava's salmonella strain is linked to the recall, they may consider legal action to help pay for their growing medical bills.

Fareway's corporate manager Steven Kieffer said they pulled all the recalled cartons off their shelves Friday, August 13. Any customers who are concerned about eggs they purchased from a Fareway store are encouraged to destroy the product, and bring the packaging or receipt back to the store for a refund.

Online Reporter Colleen O'Shaughnessy

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