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Egg recall may benefit local food movement

ELDORA (KWWL) -- An alarming nation-wide egg recall hits home here in Iowa. The Federal Food and Drug Administration is investigating 380 million eggs from Wright County Egg near Galt, Iowa. They're linked to hundreds of cases of salmonella.

But some of the biggest egg-lovers in Iowa are not concerned at all. That's because they gather, inspect, and package their favorite food themselves.

Chickens are a noisy addition to a farm, but they can also be rather profitable. Which is why, five years ago, the Brunk family decided to try their hand at raising hens.

"Part of it looking for something for the boys to do, and part of it was because we like good eggs," said dad Steven Brunk.

His son, Issac Beck Brunk said his first reaction to the new venture was that of an ordinary teenager, "I'll have to be responsible now, not sit at home all day," he recalled. "But it was worth it."

The boys each have a chore on the farm -- call it, the pecking order. Jack feeds the birds. Aaron gathers eggs. Adam washes, and his twin brother Issac does a final inspection before packaging.

The space is limited, but sales are growing.

"Every once in awhile somebody will say, I bought some of your eggs...they were good!" noted Issac.

Area families buy the bulk of the 60 (or-so) dozen eggs they sell each week.

"Most eggs in a store, when I look, are already two weeks old. Most eggs, when we deliver to a grocery store, are sometimes that day, but no more than three days old," said Steven.

The fresh factor is one of many reasons more people are buying local. Another is product quality and safety.

"You would hope that your local farmer is doing everything right. And if they don't -- it comes back to them right away," said Steven.

AKA, if you get a bad egg from Steven, everyone in town will know. So he's not interested in letting a single one slip through the cracks.

"You're the one getting them, you're the one washing them, delivering them. So it's just you involved," he said. "Maybe it doesn't look as good as you're used to -- a pure white egg. But I would say once you establish a relationship with someone local, there's a kind of trust thing that goes on.."

Click here to see a list of brands affected, including dates and plant numbers. If you do have some of the recalled eggs, either throw them out or take them back to the store where you bought them for a refund.

Online Reporter Colleen O'Shaughnessy

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