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Waterloo launches pet license campaign

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- The City of Waterloo is launching a campaign to get more pets registered with a pet license.

City code requires every dog and cat living in city limits to be registered.

After decreased registrations this year, the city clerk's office posted signs around city hall and sent letters to veterinarians reminding pet owners they must register their dog or cat.

"The reason we require it is to make sure all the citizens are getting their animals rabies vaccinations to ensure the safety of all our citizens," said Waterloo City Clerk Suzy Schares.

Schares said getting a pet license takes just a few minutes.

"They need to bring in current rabies vaccination and then it is $5 for altered pets and $10 for unaltered," she said.

If you register after March 31, the fee doubles.

Suzy Schares said the tag is actually beneficial to the pet owner.

"If a pet is lost a neighbor can call in and say I found a pet with this number, and we can look it up and tell who it belongs to. We also work closely with the Cedar Bend Humane Society and if a pet is brought in we can also identify it," said Schares.

Dog owner Rick Holmes agrees it's an inexpensive way to have an extra form of identification for his Rosie.

"If you can't afford that chip thing that you put into them, and if you lose your pet," said Schares.

To date, about 2000 dogs and 330 cats are registered with the City of Waterloo. You can get a pet license during regular business hours at the Waterloo City Clerk's office.

The money raised from the pet licenses goes into the city's general fund.

Online reporter: Danielle Wagner

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