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Knee relief without surgery

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- Doctors and patients are saying one product can ease knee pain without drugs or surgery.

The makers of the O-active knee brace system and Bionicare system say their product mimics the naturally occurring signal of a healthy knee.

Doctors say it shifts the weight off the affected areas of joints, providing immediate relief.

"I could get up and walk and I was thanking God I could get up and walk on my own," Felisha Johnson, an arthritis patient, said.

"What we believe happens is the electrical stimulus that the generator produces affects cartilage cells, and causes the cartilage cells to turn on anabolically and causes them to form new cartilage," Dr. John McConnell, an orthopedic surgeon, said.

Dr. McConnell says it doesn't eliminate the need for surgery at some point, but postpones it, buying patients more years of function with their own knee.

Online reporter/Anchor: Tara Thomas

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