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Jonathan Narcisse - Iowa Party for Governor


Served as Co-Chair of the Polk County Democratic Party from 1984 to 1986, chairing a record voter registration and turnout effort that contributed to Iowa going from a G.O.P. to a Democratic state. He served on Gov. Branstad's Inauguration Committee. He was the youngest co-chair and chair of a state commission in Iowa serving from the very beginning of the Iowa Commission on the Status of Blacks, now African-Americans. He was also a leading advocate for the hiring of it's first Executive Director, Gary Lawson.

Took over publishing the Iowa Bystander and later the Communicator, rescuing both publications from closure. The Iowa Bystander, which had ceased publication, is again thriving. The Communicator became the third largest paper in Polk County. The Bystander was featured at the White House and Smithsonian Museums. Jonathan has owned and published many other papers, at one point owning or publishing 29 periodicals including all the major suburban papers in Polk County. Jonathan currently publishes several papers including the following: El Comunicador – Iowa's first statewide Latino paper, Iowa Fronteras – Iowa's first statewide Spanish language paper, Iowa Campus Life – formerly Cyclone Nation/Cyclone Times the paper is expanding to campuses across Iowa, and Iowa Vanguard – formerly the Independent Iowan, it serves as a widely circulated e-political journal

Hosted several shows on Des Moines radio station KUCB including the Daily Wake Up Show for more than a decade, and he hosted "Only Permanent Interest" on Des Moines radio station KJMC, a weekly educational program focused on political empowerment. He has hosted Black Iowa Today, Black Iowa Imperative and the Legislative Wrap on KBBG in Waterloo. He participates in a weekly panel discussion on WHO Radio, the state's only statewide electronic media outlet, and was a weekly fixture on KXNO's Weekly sports roundtable.

Hosted several television shows most recently the weekly show "I Am Listening!". He has over the years produced, designed, created or consulted on several programs such as the "Capitol Hill Report."

Most recently served on the Des Moines School Board where he got more than two dozen reform measures passed, increased local and statewide awareness on key issues such as the increasing dropout rate and spearheaded the effort that resulted in an overwhelming victory for the District's Revenue Purpose Statement.

Jonathan has held meetings in all 99 counties in Iowa for an effort called "An Iowa Worth Fighting For" and leading a statewide education initiative to address the emerging crisis in Iowa's urban education.

The Four Pillars of My Campaign

World Class Plus Educational System
Low Tax, Free Market, Prosperous Economy
Small, Accountable, Efficient, Transparent State Government
Leading by Example a Healthy Lifestyle to Fight the Obesity Epidemic

I am strongly committed to:

Revive small, accountable and transparent governance
Create a tax code that doesn't punish success, excellence, and hard work, or reward corporate welfare barons
Restore a free market economy replacing our no-growth prison-casino-corporate welfare based economy
Return our education system to the best in the world
Protect local control, private property and constitutional rights like the right to be armed
Promote a truly healthy Iowa and replace recidivism-based justice system with a restitution system

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