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YGC: The Chemo Bag Project

by Danielle Wagner

OSAGE (KWWL) A teenager turned a scary situation into a project to help others. Cally Niess of Osage started The Chemo Bag Project in 2009 when her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Cally Niess said at first the family wasn't very organized when it came time for hospital visits.

"So, I made a bag for my mom and put everything inside of it that we needed," she said.

Niess then turned her idea into a 4-H project, which made it all the way to the Iowa State Fair.

The bags are filled with basic items needed for chemo patients. They include chap stick, mouthwash and gauze.

Now, others are asking her to sew chemo bags for their loved ones.

"It kind of got around I did this for my mom and so people started contacting me, asking can I get one of these bags," said Cally Niess.

Niess said she never expected sewing a bag could make such a huge difference.

"I thought it was gonna be for my mom and that's it, but some things are bigger than you think," she said.

So far, she's shipped off nearly ten chemo bags.

She said recipients are always appreciative.

"I had a two hour phone call with someone who got a bag, so it's been really touching," said Niess.

The total cost for putting together a bag is about $40. Cally accepts donations, and her aunt in Florida even donated $500.

Niess said it's great news people are learning about her chemo bag project, but even better news, her mom is a breast cancer survivor.

In the future, Cally Niess hopes to organize a 5K run to help raise money for her chemo bags.

If you're interested in making a donation or ordering a bag, you can send Cally an email.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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