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David Rosenfeld - Socialist Worker for Governor


David Rosenfeld, 47, is a tire factory worker, and a member of the United Steel Workers local 310. Rosenfeld is an active opponent of Washington's wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. He has participated in marches demanding legalization of all immigrants. He has joined dairy farmers in protesting conditions leading to farm foreclosures. He is a longtime unionist, having worked as a meatpacker and in other industries. In 2009, he ran for Des Moines city council.

Reason for running:

The overriding reason why I am running for governor is to place a perspective before the working class about what we must do to confront the economic depression. Working people need to defend ourselves from the consequences of the world crisis of capitalism. Wages, working conditions and social programs are under attack by the dictatorship of capital. Workers and farmers need to build a broad, revolutionary, working-class movement that will be able to take political power from the hands of the capitalists and replace the dictatorship of capital with the rule of the working class. The road to that movement starts now, by defending all working people through exercising working class solidarity, union power, and political action.

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