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YGC: Pacesetter Youth Camp

by Danielle Wagner

MONTICELLO (KWWL) Having fun while also working hard. That's the idea behind Pacesetter Youth Camp.

Eleven middle school students are participating in this camp to learn more about volunteering.

"To inspire our youth to be the community leaders of the future. So really exposing them to the needs in the community and what they can do as young adults and adults to help meet the needs," said organizer Patti Seda.

One day the students were at Camp Courageous in Monticello. They enjoyed the zip line, but they're also helping to clean up and learning how to lend a hand here in the future.

"Exposing them to more than what they're exposed to in their typical world," said Seda.

During the week, the campers also toured and volunteered at Meals on Wheels and an emergency shelter.

"I just thought it's really good just to be able to know how to volunteer because a lot of people want to volunteer but don't know where to go," said 13-year-old Jacob Wilkinson.

"You get that feeling and it's kind of hard to describe. IT's that feeling you get when you help others and you feel like you've done good," said 13-year-old Keeli Wendling.

"The campers have all said this is so much more than I thought it was gonna be. This has been such a great experience," said Patti Seda.

"Yeah, I'm glad I came because when we did Meals on Wheels I had that feeling afterward and I felt good," said Wendling.

Hopefully teaching these students how and where to volunteer now, they'll continue to give back as they become adults.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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