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Waterloo tanning salon closed for flood damage

by Danielle Wagner

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- A Waterloo tanning business has been closed since the beginning of July due to flood damage, and some customers are wondering when it will reopen.

Kandi Fleshner, a frequent customer of Tan Down Under, kept checking back and said the number to the business was disconnected.

"We got locked out of the situation and we have no knowledge of what's going on and you're disappointed because you paid for services," Fleshner said.

Owner Janet White said she didn't want to keep customers in the dark, but since she doesn't own the building, she was at a stand still with some of the work.

Originally she hoped to re-open after a few weeks but that's not the case. White said almost everything was gutted from inside the salon.

The next step is treating the space to make sure it's clean and then reconstruction can start.

"Anyone that had any monthly packages or unlimited packages of course will be brought back on the date we open. So, everything will be normal for them nothing will be taken away from them at all," White said.

Customers said they would have appreciated a phone call explaining the situation. White said one of the computers with customer information was damaged in the flood.

"I would hope people understand it wasn't actually a problem or anything we thought would happen. Things do happen. That's the way life goes sometimes, so hopefully they will understand that," White said.

Kandi Fleshner said she understands what happened was not in White's control, but she's disappointed with how the business's closure was handled.

She said she probably won't be a customer at Tan Down Under anymore.

"I loved it there. I liked the people that worked there. I thought it was a great company and now unfortunately this happens and now my mind has done a 180 and I don't think it was as good as I thought it was," Fleshner said.

Janet White said if everything goes according to plan, the goal is to be back open by Sept. 1.

She said the phone will be re-connected soon, and customers can call for updates.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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