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Help for families during deployment

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- This isn't the first time 9-year-old Spenser Rothman has said goodbye to his dad.

"I'm going to have to help clean, do dishes, and cooking, and make mom laugh," Spenser said.

"They know dad is going to be gone for a year, but we hope to see him once or twice during that year and he is going to help other people," Sarah Rothman, Spenser's mom, said.

Sarah is the chair of the Family Readiness Group. She not only has to help her own family with deployment, but other military families as well.

She says its almost less stressful for the soldier when he or she deploys than it is for the family.

"In some ways it is almost easier for the soldiers when they deploy because they have a set mission while we sit at home and deal with the house, the car, the finances, and the kids and our own personal stress for our soldiers' safety," Sarah said.

"At home I think sometimes they have the tougher job because they don't know all that's going on and we do and we can't always communicate with them easily," said Sgt. Benjamin Rothman.

Sarah says deployment is always in the back of these families' minds. She hopes people understand there are resources out there for military families if they need help.

As for her son, he has a little piece of advice.

"Try to stay strong and pray a lot."

There are meetings set up for families during their soldiers' deployment.

The first one is Aug. 15, at 1:30 at the Waterloo Armory.

Online Reporter: Nikki Newbrough

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