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Health Plus: Breastfeeding, Part 1

Experts agree breastfeeding, when possible, is the healthiest for newborns.

But in Health Plus, why it's more than just a choice about nutrition.

At 28-years old, Bridget Bloomquist is a breastfeeding pro.

This is the Aplington woman's 4th baby and she's nursed them all because she says it's best for her children.

"Stick through the first couple weeks and it gets easier. And the more you do it, the more you feel comfortable with it and it just becomes normal," says Bridget. 

Bridget is a nurse in the neo-natal intensive care unit at Waterloo's Covenant Medical Center.

She says premature babies, especially, benefit from breast milk.

"Anything you can to do to help give them a leg up and breast milk is definitely one way to do that."

Covenant lactation consultant Rhonda Thompson agrees.

"If we were to walk over to pediatrics right now and look at all the babies under a year-old that are there.  I'm guessing that almost all of them are formula fed because breastfed babies don't get sick very often," says Thompson.

She says Covenant's breastfeeding rate at 77% beats the national average by three points and credits the hospital's support system for the success, especially for new moms.

"Some times we'll see a mom who isn't comfortable with that in the beginning with the first baby or the second one but by the third or fourth they can breastfeed on the bench in Walmart down by tools."

Rhonda says breastfeeding is ten percent about nutrition, 90 percent about mommy/baby bonding.

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