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"The Smooch! Project"


WATERLOO (KWWL) -- A Minnesota artist asked people in the Cedar Valley to "pucker up" Saturday for a good cause.

It's called "The Smooch! Project".

This was held at the Waterloo Center for the Arts.

The goal is to take a picture of ten thousand public displays of affection.

So far, the photographer has thirteen hundred pictures.

Those comforting images will eventually be displayed in places of discomfort such as hospitals and surgery rooms as well as areas prone to violence.

"Where you might be with someone you really feel antagonistic toward... if you can see an image of them showing affection with someone they love, you can link that to yourself because you can recognize that feeling," Photographer Bonnie Fournier said.

Fournier hopes the project will go international.

With help from sponsors, she hopes to display the pictures in Israel and the Gaza Strip.

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