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Hopkinton suffered less damage than anticipated

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- When the dam surged up at Lake Delhi, there was some concern here in Hopkinton that it would send a wall of water rushing through here.

At that point the Delaware County Sheriff started evacuating folks in town near the river who might be affected by that surge.

Luckily, the wall of water never came as the water rushing down stream had room to spread out and slow down allowing evacuated residents to return to their homes.

Water did however rise steadily throughout the day effecting some homes on the river but the town was ready if it had been much worse.

"It was bad, but everybody was envisioning a big tidal wave or a huge wall of water coming down through Hopkinton, and that did not materialize, so that was great," said Sheriff Eric Brooks.

Throughout the day we've seen the water rising steadily here on the west side of town and it has completely covered County Road D-47 between Ryan and Hopkinton, that remains closed at this point.

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