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Waverly program offers incentives for cutting power use

WAVERLY (KWWL)-- Summer is upon us. During these hot summer months, many homes see higher utility bills. Waverly Light and Power encourages residents to be energy conscious while still enjoying a comfortable home. During the summer months, the company use an inverted rate. Rates are higher for customers who use the most energy. Those who are more energy conscious will see a lower bill than those who are not.

Waverly Light and Power offers incentives to customers who strive to use less energy. Rebates are available for a variety of appliances and home energy improvements. Learn about energy efficient opportunities here. Summer seasonal rates will be in effect until September 30. Seasonal rates reward customers willing to make extra effort towards being energy efficient.

"When customers make a real effort to save electricity, they see it in their bill.  Summer is when we see the highest costs to produce energy, which can raise expenses for everyone. So, we want to reward those customers who are making an effort to keep their electric use low," said Diane Johnson, Waverly Light & Power general manager.

There are specific ways to save energy in the summer: taking shorter showers reduces humidity inside the home; grilling outside instead of baking in your oven keeps extra heat out of the house and cuts energy costs in the kitchen; setting your ceiling fan on the correct setting so it blows down and cools you off will make it more effective; using a fan and setting the air conditioner a few degrees higher can result in substantial savings; placing the dehumidifier away from the drain results in less energy usage because it can work to get moisture out of the home instead of out of the drain.

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