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Health Plus: RAGBRAI prep

RAGBRAI 38 starts in two days.

Before you jump on your bicycle and head out for any long distance ride, there are some things experts say you need to know.

Here's Tara Thomas with Health Plus:

Since 1993, Karen Davis has done RAGBRAI.

If you're riding in the 38th Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, the fitness instructor hopes you're comfortable with the bike seat.

"If you haven't gotten on your bike in the last month or so your bottom's not going to be ready for that seat to ride across the state of Iowa," she says.

Sheri Purdy, who works with Karen at Waterloo's Covenant Wellness Center, has some simple, but important advice:

Dress accordingly.

"It could be 100 degrees or it could be 40 degrees, you know this is Iowa.  What are you gonna wear? Lots of layers," says Purdy.

Purdy says preferably dry fit material so it dries fast.

And don't forget the water.

"You're working out. You're sweating. You're having a great time, but don't forget to drink the water for the muscles," she adds.

"You can't wait until you're thirsty to start drinking that water. You have to hydrate pretty much all day long," says Karen.

It's not too late to dust off your bike and join.

As long as you're not a total couch potato, Purdy says you should be able to ride at least one or two days.

"Give yourself lots of breaks if you're going on RAGBRAI and you haven't done anything to prepare yourself."

Then pray for no rain.

In Waterloo, Tara Thomas, Iowa's News Channel 7

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