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Pucker up! Smooch project coming to Waterloo

WATERLOO (KWWL) – Affectionately-inclined people in the Cedar Valley are invited to the Waterloo Center for the Arts on Sunday, July 25. Minnesota photographer Bonnie Fournier has launched a personal photographic effort to capture 10,000 exhibition-quality images for her heartfelt project entitled "The Smooch! Project," and she wants to include the ‘smooches' of the Cedar Valley.

In a world troubled by cynicism and terror, a simple act of affection has the power to transform not only our personal lives, but the lives of others as well. As a photographic record of the human capacity to love one another, the goal of The Smooch! Project is to demonstrate this fact. The project is intended to serve as a documentary record demonstrating that all humans, regardless of social, economic, or political barriers, share a joyful willingness to welcome love and affection into their lives. This includes even those people we may not like. So, the Cedar Valley is invited to "pucker up" and be part of this historic, heartwarming effort.

To participate, bring a loved one (spouse, children, sibling, parent) to the Waterloo Center for the Arts on Sunday, July 25 between 1:00-5:00pm. All that is required is a companion to demonstrate your sincere affection towards and a willingness to have your picture taken. There is NO fee to participate in The Smooch! Project. Following the shoot, the photographer selects one photo per couple to include in The Smooch! Project Archive online at www.thesmoochproject.com. Participants may also purchase prints and have a personal gallery of their images created for a fee. Although Fournier notes that "the vast majority of people simply enjoy participating for free and look forward to seeing the archive image selected from their personal shoot added to the website archive.

"The purpose of us bringing The Smooch! Project to Iowa is on behalf of our goal to include people from all over the world in the project. We have already collected approx. 1,100 archive photos but a huge percentage of them depict our fellow Minnesotans here in the Twin Cities. To correct this, we have begun branching out and started with a road trip to Michigan last month. This month, we thought we would take a trip to Iowa to begin collecting images in this state. In August, we will be venturing into northern Minnesota and perhaps Canada. "

For more information or to view The Smooch! Project archive or blog, visit www.thesmoochproject.com.

Online Producer: Jason Mortvedt

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