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Dubuque Art on the River adds 10 new sculptures

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- It's one of Dubuque's biggest attractions, and thanks to artists from around the country, the Mississippi River front in Dubuque just got a little more life.  If you've ever been to Dubuque you know how beautiful the river walk can be.  Located in the Port of Dubuque, there are plenty of attractions.  Ten new artists were welcomed to this years Art of the River.

"They've just been waiting to go some place and be on display for awhile," Cedar Falls native Victoria Reed said.

Listen close enough and you might hear the sound of hooves hitting the ground... or maybe just another car passing by Reed's horse sculptures.

"There a little bit over the top, kinda of glittery and a good back drop to the glass and the kind of elegance features of what they have here along the river," Reed said.

Reed is one of ten artists featured in the 2010-2011 Art on the River -- something known to attract thousands each year.

"I think many of the pieces that are here really have a lot to do with the geography of the area," Jan Stoggel said.

"If you were to imagine some giant characters somewhere playing this game. They're absent and you get to step in and play," Dubuque artist John Anderson-Bricker said.

Head up to the river walk and you'll see several metal balls spread through out the grass.

"Its designed to have multiple elements that interact with the landscape that it's in but it also has the purpose of trying to get the viewer to come in and interact in the landscape," Anderson-Bricker said.

It looks like a large game of bocce ball. Each ball is made from pieces of scrap metal but symbolizes much more.

"When you put it into a gallery or a museum people kind of have to plan and have an intention that they're gonna go and experience art work," Anderson-Bricker said.

The sculptures are designed to make art a part of everyone's river walk experience.

"But when it's in a public place they're not coming out intending to experience art they just stumble upon it," Anderson-Bricker said.

For the next year thousands of people will stumble upon ten new pieces of artwork.

"It's people like me a chance to do what we do," Reed said.

By the way, new this year, a "best in show" was awarded.  It went to Anderson-Bricker. He'll receive $1000 for his work.

All ten sculptures will be on display through July of 2011. Of the ten artists featured, five of them are from Iowa.

For more information visit www.cityofdubuque.org/artontheriver

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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