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Waterloo officer and passerby rescue woman hanging from bridge

WATERLOO (KWWL) ---Waterloo Police, and a man from the Cedar Valley, are credited with saving a woman's life Wednesday.  We talked with them about their quick actions and courage that prevented the worst from happening.

Randy Ducharme is used to fixing things as a maintenance man for a Cedar Falls apartment complex.  But Wednesday morning, he helped fix much more than these homes.  While running an errand, he spotted a woman clinging to this bridge on Ansborough Avenue over Highway 218.

"I saw a poor girl hanging off the bridge, and she obviously needed some help so I stopped to help," Ducharme said.

He stood at the bridge at the bridge and began talking to the young woman who was standing on the ledge.

"I just told her we can fix it, whatever's wrong," said Ducharme.

A short time later, Waterloo police arrived and helped to talk the woman out of making a fateful mistake.

"As we were talking to her, the officers were able to approach her, and along with the citizen, pulled her back over the rail so she didn't get hurt," Waterloo Police Captain Tim Pillack said.

That ended tense moments on the bridge, which officers are grateful for.

"Without a doubt, this is the best way for it to end," said Captain Pillack.

As for Ducharme, he's thankful to a higher power for guiding him to the bridge.

"I'm glad the good Lord put me at the right place at the right time," Ducharme said.

And he believes anyone else in the same situation would've responded the same way.

The young woman hanging from the bridge was taken to Allen Hospital in Waterloo for evaluation, and she will be referred to counseling.  She does not face any criminal charges.  Authorities encourage anyone needing assistance in a similar situation to call local police, so that they can refer you to services that might help.

KWWL Reporter: Kera Mashek

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