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Flood victims take drainage concerns to Waterloo council

WATERLOO (KWWL)--- In Waterloo, many people are still cleaning up from last week's severe flash flooding.  And Monday night, some folks took their concerns to the city council, about what they say is an inadequate storm sewer system.

"It's an ongoing nightmare," said Craig Hundley, flood victim.

Hundley is still cleaning up his basement after flood waters soaked everything last week.  He's now doing what he can to recover, even installing water alarms that will go off any time it so much as starts to flood.

"I've been going at it practically non-stop since this happened, and just trying to rip up every piece of carpet and wall board that's contaminated with water, that's now turning into mold," Hundley said.

But Hundley and many of his neighbors think this flooding never should've happened.  They feel the storm sewers in the area aren't cutting it and need updating.  One resident took those concerns to the city council Monday night.

"Inside my drain was filled with sand and we had all that pumped out, and I got everything fixed.  I was just wondering if anything could be done, studies done, on that intersection of mine, Fletcher & 63, like if those culverts could possibly have covers put on them," the resident said.

That input was welcomed by Mayor Buck Clark, who says the city's working on long-term solutions to correct the drainage issues in the neighborhood.

KWWL Reporter: Kera Mashek


"The kinds of things you're saying are things that I appreciate, and know that council and department head appreciate because they're the things that maybe we haven't thought about and that might help eliminate some of these issues in the future," Mayor Clark said.


And those efforts can't be put into practice soon enough for people like Craig Hundley that are still soaking up the water that rushed in.

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