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Jury begins deliberation in Michael Mayton murder trial

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- The Michael Mayton murder trial is in the hands of a Dubuque jury. Both sides wrapping up closing arguments Thursday morning, in the case charging Mayton with the fatal stabbing of 38-year old David Tate. He also faces attempted murder and willful injury in connection with the stabbing of Richard Schramm.

The prosecution used closing arguments as a chance to again highlight what it calls inconsistencies in Mayton's stories. Specifically, attorney Ralph Potter focused on the requirements of finding someone guilty of first degree murder. Telling the jurors that Mayton didn't accidentally stab Tate, it was intentional. Which is not to be mistaken for pre meditated.

"He repeats again and again on the stand I just confused my stories, I was just involved in a tragedy, a tragedy he caused," Dubuque County Attorney Ralph Potter said.

The defense however telling the jury to remember they must prove "beyond reasonable doubt" that Mayton is guilty. Citing that Mayton said he never intended to stab his friend. It was an accident.

"He has to prove to you beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Mayton specifically intended to try and kill Mr. Schramm," Public Defender David Staudt said.

Keep in mind the jury is instructed not to use closing arguments as evidence. They are to use only what's been presented at the trial.

Wednesday Mayton took the stand and admitted to accidentally stabbing Tate. He said he didn't remember stabbing Schramm but remembers carrying the knife for self defense.

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