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Iowa City-based website proofreads

(Iowa City, Iowa) Web developer Brian Kaldenberg, who moved his web and consulting business from St. Louis to Iowa City in June of 2008, has launched his newest online service: offers professional proofreading services through a web based platform. Documents are uploaded to the website, proofed by two proofreaders, and returned to the author with comments. Different turnaround times are available from two days to three hours and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Proofreading services are available for any written document, including resumes, academic assignments, books, articles, business plans and reports.

"What makes this system unique is our two proofreader model. Every submission to is edited by two different sets of eyes," said Kaldenberg. "This leads to virtually flawless papers, and allows for our proofreaders to learn off each other. Our customers are amazed at the edits and recommendations they receive."

Kaldenberg said this idea came to him while his wife was finishing her graduate thesis. They hired a freelance proofreader to help her. "I knew this service was in demand and could be offered across the country," said Kaldenberg. "Locating in Iowa City made perfect sense because of the great access to qualified graduate students and the heralded Writer's Workshop program."

Greg McLaughlin, a 2000 University of Iowa graduate in finance and former field goal kicker for the Hawkeyes, is Kaldenberg's partner in Proofreading "Greg is in charge of hiring the proofreaders," explained Kaldenberg. "He has a great eye for talent and helped develop our quality control process that's led to our 100% satisfaction rate." employs proofreaders from throughout North America, including Iowa City, St. Louis, Indiana and Canada. While they come from different areas of the country, most have Masters degrees or PhDs and have backgrounds in education and writing.

"This is an area rich with qualified proofreaders and I knew I could launch a first-rate proofreading website from here. And, we're always looking for more qualified proofreaders," added Kaldenberg.

Kaldenberg currently operates three web-based services from the Iowa City area: Kaldenberg Consulting, and

Kaldenberg Consulting has helped rebrand popular collegiate sports fansites including and creates and sells college rosters for collegiate sports video games that run on Xbox and Playstation game platforms.


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