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Oelwein experiences severe flash flooding

OELWEIN (KWWL)---A home in the 300 block of NE 4th Street in Oelwein has now been deemed structurally unsound.  Concrete blocks holding up the basement caved.  And the flood waters came rushing in.  Everyone in the neighborhood says it's hard to believe just how fast the water rose.

"It's crazy.  You look outside and it's just raining.  Then 20 minutes later, there's a flood and everything's under water.  So it was nuts," said Jennifer Wood, Oelwein resident.

Water in basements is several feet high, even reaching the ceiling in many of the homes.

"My deep freeze is floating sideways plugged in and turned on in the basement.  We're going to have to get it out and I'm not sure how that's going to go!" said Karen Pont.

As the rain kept falling, neighbors did all they could to help those in need.

"I knew the neighbor was home and she had two babies.  We could see a light on but no one moving.  So we plowed through knee deep water and carried the babies across. And by the time we got back over to there to the dog, his head was already under water," Pont said.

That help was greatly appreciated.

"I'm so thankful!  I probably would still be sleeping if it wasn't for the neighbors!" said Leeanna Wellman, whose children Karen Pont rescued.

Now that everyone's safe, the hard work of cleaning up after mother nature begins.  The Red Cross will be in Oelwein helping assist those affecting by this flash flooding.

KWWL Reporter: Kera Mashek

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