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NEW DETAILS: police find burned items in missing 20-month-old case

Cecilia "CC" Harris Cecilia "CC" Harris

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- Police have released more details regarding items seized from the home of Tamelia Harris after a second search warrant.

Investigators found a charcoal lighter, charcoal starter, a one gallon gas can, an outdoor fire pit screen and a burnt baby doll toy.  The warrant also outlines specific items seized from Tamelia's bedroom closet and bathroom, including what appears to be blood stained carpet.

According to previous court documents, Tamelia Harris admitted there was an accident involving her daughter and that her daughter is now dead.

An anonymous call to DHS first sparked an investigation. After police spoke with several people, they were warned of a smell coming from the Harris garage. Witnesses also reported that Tamelia was burning items in the fire pit in the backyard.

In an interview with police, Tamelia told them she sent her 20-month-old daughter Cecilia, or CC, with her friend Shameka Davis. She said Davis was a childhood friend. She also admitted that CC had fallen down six steps leading to the basement of the house.

Last week, police asked for the public's help in locating CC.

Police say Tamelia voluntarily turned over her cell phone and records.

This following text message was received on 6/30/10:

'They said u told jan u did sumthin real bad n kiki said wen she went up there is smelled really bad n u wouldn't let her clean tha basement or take the garbage out n she want to no wat u burned cuz it wasent garbage cuz its still in da basement'

That text message caused police to issue a search warrant for Tamelia's home. Police discovered human remains in the yard. Police believe the remains are those of a small child, but have not released a positive identification.

Investigators observed brownish red splatter on the blinds, a pair of scissors and bed sheets. Police have taken the computer found in the home, a cell phone used to make calls, assorted papers with phone numbers, SSN card, birth certificate, window blind with unknown splatter, blue scissors with stains, digital camera in black case, bed sheets, a framed picture of CC, and a green notebook.

Harris is currently being held in the Dubuque County Jail.  She is charged with felony neglect of a dependant person. No other charges have been filed at this time.

According to documents, Tamelia told a social worker in jail that she was never getting out of jail because 'there was a bad accident with my daughter.' Tamelia told the social worker that her daughter had passed away.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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