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Man accused of putting camera in campground bathroom

KENDALLVILLE (KWWL) -- A Decorah man has been arrested at a Winneshiek County campground for allegedly putting a video camera in women's bathroom. It happened at the Kendallville Campground in northern Winneshiek County.

Campers say 69-year-old Leslie Peterson, the campground host, confessed. He faces 31 counts of invasion of privacy. Officials haven't found any tapes. They say there aren't any recordings and Peterson watched the video feeds live.

Dan Mast has been camping at the Kendallville campground for around seven years. When a woman discovered a camera in the women's restroom, Mast could not believe who was being accused of putting it there.

"This guy is a nice guy. He comes and sits at your picnic table and talks just like a grandpa almost. When I first heard it there is no way he would do it some other scum bag did that," said Mast.

A deputy with the Winneshiek County Sheriff's Department says Peterson has been putting the camera in the women's restroom since 2007. Peterson has been charged with 31 counts of invasion of privacy which are all serious misdemeanor charges.

"I got a 17 year old daughter and wife and two little ones that go in and take a shower. It's mind boggling that he would do stuff like that," said Mast.

Officials with the sheriff's department would not say how they knew that camera was set up for 3 years. They say that's part of their ongoing investigation.

Officials with the Winneshiek County Sheriff's department encourage any campground guests who used the women's restroom from 2007 until recently to call the sheriff's department at 563-382-4268.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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