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Ammunition costs on the rise

WATERLOO (KWWL)--- Anyone who uses guns has probably noticed an unpleasant trend recently. Ammunition supplies are running low and prices are spiking.  We checked into why the cost of shooting has shot up.

The Waterloo Police department will soon be stocking up on ammunition for the next year.  But the bullets it orders won't be here anytime soon.

"When we do order ammunition, we order a significant amount to carry us through for an entire year. Because after we do order it, it may take several months to get our order," Waterloo Police Chief Dan Trelka said.

It's a trend that's been happening for a few years now.  High metal prices, coupled with a seven year war in the Middle East, are making bullets hard to come by.  And if you do find them, expect to be fired up when you see the price tag.

"Rimfire .22 ammunition lots of times the local stores would have it on special where you could buy like 550 rounds for eight or nine dollars. It's double that now," said local gun owner Dan Miller.

Something that's adding to the problem is that more people are buying guns these days amid fears that President Obama could change gun laws.

"There's a fad, you might say, going on now with A.R. type guns and A.K. type guns that use a lot of ammunition," Miller said.

And bullet manufacturers are tailoring their production to meet that need.  It all adds up to fewer bullets for recreational gun users and hunters being available on store shelves.  And the bad news is, experts say you'll be biting the bullet when you buy ammo well into the future.

As for the city of Waterloo, Chief Trelka tells us he's currently reviewing bids from suppliers to see just how much this year's stock of ammunition will cost.

KWWL Reporter: Kera Mashek

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