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UPDATE: Victims' names released in Bellevue horse rampage

Photo Courtesy The Telegraph Herald Photo Courtesy The Telegraph Herald
Photo Courtesy The Telegraph Herald Photo Courtesy The Telegraph Herald

BELLEVUE (KWWL) -- Bellevue police confirmed Sunday evening a 60-year-old woman died after two horses got out of control at a parade Sunday morning.

UPDATE, 11 p.m.: A father of two injured boys said his sons were some of the first people hit by the horses.

Dan Schmidt was in Bellevue Sunday morning. Two of his kids were among the first victims in the horses' path. Adam, 6, was still at the Finley Hospital Monday evening.

"From the injuries [Adam] has, he probably got stepped on by the horse, and that's probably what broke his leg," Schmidt said. "Then he has a mark on his arm where the carriage went over his arm, but his arm is fine. It's not broke or anything like that."

Still, Schmidt said, he doesn't carry a grudge.

"Nobody's fault. It just happens," Schmidt said. "It's just the way that stuff goes sometimes."

Schmidt said his other injured son, 4-year-old Aden, went to Mercy Medical Center in Dubuque, but got released Saturday. He said the family is hopeful Adam will get to go home Tuesday.



On Monday, authorities updated the number of injured people to 25. Nineteen of the injured people were transported by ambulance to local hospitals. At least three more people checked themselves into medical facilities. As of early Sunday afternoon, some patients were still in critical care. Police have released names and ages of 23 of the 25 victims. The information is listed below. Fifteen of the victims are below the age of 13.

Family members say 60-year-old Janet Steines of Spragueville died Sunday. Bellevue police confirmed the 60-year-old woman who passed away was pronounced dead at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City. Steinus' husband Mardell was driving the carriage.

Bellevue fire chief Chris Roling said the commotion all started about a block and a half from the start of the parade route, where the floats and parade entries line up. The parade had already been going for about 45 minutes when the horses got spooked.

"One of the horses rubbed up against the other horse and pushed its bridle - that hangs around its neck with the reins on - pushed it off, so this horse is uncontrollable," Roling said. "He had nothing to control him, and his bridle is hanging there and that is what spooking them and they're taking off and they're getting scared."

At that point, the horses bolted the nearly two blocks to the start of the parade route and then kept going. Roling said they continued for four more blocks, or about 1,600 feet, before hitting a farm vehicle in the parade.

Some of the injured included those in the carriage, which started with four passengers. Roling said the ride ejected one woman from the buggy.

Ages of the victims range from 2-years-old to some in their 60s.

Roling estimated a parade crowd of 10,000 people.

Roling said nothing like this had ever happened before in Bellevue. Fifteen ambulances and between 60 and 70 medical personnel responded to the scene, including medical professionals who were in the crowd.

"We train and train and train all the time, and here's where your training comes into action, which you don't like to use like this," Roling said. "This is one of those unforeseen things where I don't know how we can prevent something like this."

Bellevue officials received the call that something was wrong at approximately 11:15 a.m. By 12:16 p.m., Roling said, all 21 patients had been transported to one of four hospitals.

"I feel so sorry for these people that are injured. Especially small children, you know?" Roling said. "They want to come down here and enjoy the day, and here it gets wrecked for them right off the start in the morning."

Names and ages of the victims that have been released as of Monday:

Teagan Armstrong, 6

Austin Brandes, 8

Emma Bryan, 12

Jaina Crist, 7

McKral Dennison, 2

Jaden Dondliniger, 3

Teri Feyen, 38

Tyler Hueneke, 4

Zachary Hueneke, 2

Elise Kilburg, 5

Gary Kilburg, 43

Jessica Mack, 4

April Mannen, 26

Casey Mannen, 6

Dayton Richards, 10

JoAnn Schlecht, 74

Adam Schmidt, 6

Aden Schmidt, 4

George Seastrand, 62

Stefanie Seastrand, 30

Janet Steines, 60

Charles Wenzel, 70

Alexis Yackle, 5

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