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4th of July food safety

Nothing spoils a 4th of July picnic more than spoiled food.

Whether you'll celebrate the 4th at the beach, the mountains or in your own backyard, food is a big part of the party.

But letting your burgers and salads sit in the hot sun all day can be a real party-pooper.

Experts say food is safest when it's kept either below 41 degrees -- or above 135 degrees - basically right out of the fridge or the oven.

Allowing food to sit between that range of temperatures is an invitation for bacteria to join the celebration.

One thing you can do to keep food safer, longer, is forego mayonnaised-based dishes, which can spoil quickly. Chefs recommend using vinegar -- like in a summery cucumber salad.

Also -- a full cooler stays cooler longer.

And when you are ready to serve lunch Bring things out in small batches so they get consumed quickly. It's not that difficult to keep things warm in a safe environment or cold in a safe environment, and bring it out as you need it.

Whole, raw foods are another good bet -- like watermelon or peanuts -- anything that's not going to be affected by the heat.

It's advice to keep your stomach from turning and your burgers flipping this 4th of July weekend.

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