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The Evelyn Miller murder case: 5 years later

FLOYD (KWWL) -- A somber anniversary for the family and friends of young girl who was found murdered outside the community of Floyd. Five-year-old Evelyn Miller went missing from her mother's apartment five years ago Thursday. Authorities have yet to name any suspects or make any arrests.

For five days hundreds of people spent their 4th of July vacation searching for Evelyn Miller. Her body was discovered on July 6th in the Cedar River.

Since then it has been job of the Floyd County Sheriff's Office, the Floyd County Attorneys Office, an agent with the FBI, and an agent with DCI to find out who committed this horrendous crime.

Since the investigation began authorities like Floyd County Sheriff Rick Lynch have provided little information about the case including no cause of death, no suspects named, and not motive for the killing.

"Why were tight lipped we don't want to compromise the integrity of the investigation and of course the people who are involved and experienced with these types of cases if too much information gets out there you start getting false confessions you start going on wild goose runs and you take all that man power to follow up and it ends up being some nut person that just want to get involved in the media," said Lynch.

Just months after the murder the family of Evelyn Miller spoke out, wondering why more wasn't being done and why the focus was originally put on live-in boyfriend of Evelyn's mother, Casey Frederiksen.

"They were just keeping a closed mind and say only Casey had something to do with it, I think. They thought it was an open and shut case because they kept questioning him and saying that history says it's always the non biological parent," said Noel Miller, Evelyn's mother.

Frederiksen is currently serving time in prison for unrelated crimes.

Lynch says when it comes to this case, evidence is key.

"Knowing who did it and proving who did it are two entirely different things and we don't want to be hasty and file charges and put a person in front of a jury and have them found not guilty and never be able to charge if we believe this is the person so that's why we're diligent in making sure all of our t's are crossed and our i's our dotted," said Lynch.

The impact of Evelyn's death is as strong today as it was five years ago. A monument made in her honor sits outside a park in Floyd. People continue to set flowers and other items at its base. The memory of this horrible crime is still fresh in the minds of many.

"When Evelyn was found July 6th, in the river I had to go to the river bank and take her out but I needed assistance and I had to make that decision which out of the five deputies that are standing on the river bank and I going to call down to go with me. Obviously going down to the river has affected me and also I had to pull somebody else to go down to the river how is that person... I've talked to that person and he's fine but come on lets face it that is always going to bother someone. I know how it bother's me," said Lynch.

As her monument reads, God bless the Lords newest angle and all those she has left behind.

Since the murder of Evelyn Miller things have changed for many of the people and even the places involved. Evelyn's mother Noel has moved to California. Casey Frederiksen, the live in boyfriend is serving time in prison for possession of child pornography and manufacturing meth.

Also, the apartment complex where Evelyn was living at the time of her disappearance has been demolished to make way for a new ethanol plant.


Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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