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Drivers ed. students test texting and driving

NASHUA (KWWL) -- The new distracted driving law goes into effect Thursday.

Iowa motorists are no longer allowed to text while behind the wheel. The new law also bans drivers under 18 from talking on their cell phones.

Students at Nashua-Plainfield are practicing what not to do in the car, texting and driving.

Students must drive an obstacle course at speeds of 10, 15, 20, and 25 miles an hour, going once without the cell phone and once using a cell phone.

"At 25 miles per hour I then put them on a cell phone having them texting or talking on the cell phone and they have to try and go around to avoid the toddler cone," Driver's Education instructor Peg Kleve said.

The toddler cone is to simulate a child running out into the street.

Most of the time with the cell phone distraction students found it hard to miss the toddler cone.

"Most of them just kind of look at me and their jaw drops.  They say I took out the kid cone! I killed the kid, they say. But this gives them that reality that that is a possibility that it's going to happen when your out in the car," Kleve said.

"It was really hard because usually I text with both hands and this time I just tried doing it with one and it was just really hard and I know I won't try it again," Nashua-Plainfield freshman Annette Lantow said.

The exercise with students behind the wheel demonstrates a potential need for the new law.

Online Reporter: Nikki Newbrough

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