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Victim's family members cry in court

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- Emotions ran high Tuesday for one victim's family at the Mayton murder trial.

The prosecution has accused Michael Mayton of the first-degree murder of David Tate and the willful injury and attempted murder of Richard Schramm Jr. That was on the night of August 15, 2009.

The prosecution presented the five 911 calls that came from the scene. One of them came from Tate, the man who died from the stab wound he suffered that night. He called in his own attack.

"I've just been stabbed," Tate told the 911 dispatcher said in the recording. "You stabbed me, Mike!...Mike!...I'm David Tate...I'm passing out."

Tate's family members cried and comforted each other as they listened to the recording. Mayton sat with his head in his hands, crying, too.

One witness, Kevin Croft, is friends with Schramm, who also suffered a stab wound. He described what he saw happen to his friend.

"Mr. Mayton had a knife right here on his right side, ran up to about here," Croft said, gesturing to the inside of his forearm and indicating the knife was tucked up and concealed, "and pulled it out like this and thrust it downwards."

Later, the prosecutor presented a knife Dubuque police officer Christopher Gorrell found. Gorrell works with the criminal investigation unit.

"This is the knife that I collected," Gorrell said.

He said the knife was not in plain sight.

"So you had the bed mattress, the knife and then this comforter covering it," Gorrell said.

Adam Feyen was the first paramedic on the scene and took the witness stand today. He said that he and his partner were not able to approach and treat the two stab-wound victims until they got word the scene was safe.

Feyen said one ambulance took Tate to the Finley Hospital and one took Schramm to Mercy Medical Center in order for both to receive as immediate care as possible.

Online reporter Becca Habegger

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