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YGC: Boy Scouts bottle drive

by Danielle Wagner

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) Boy Scout Troop 500 based at First Christian Church in Cedar Falls sorted cans and bottles.

They organize the drive about twice a year. The goal from the can and bottle drive is to raise enough money to purchase new camping equipment.

"Our joke motto in our group is if it isn't raining it isn't camping. It seems like every time we go out it rains or something like that and our tents are not as waterproof as they used to be so things and boys tend to get wet inside of them," said Chris Schoentag with Troop 500.

The Boy Scouts are committed to about a $1,000 worth of tents and equipment. Getting that money, means spending a Saturday sorting.

"The actual tin cans go into one basket and the bottles go into another basket. When they get all full they get them and dump them in a big semi truck," said Scout Derek Hand.

People drop off hundreds of cans and bottles. The boys have a system of sorting and bagging down pat.

"They like it. It gets a little dirty and a little smell especially when it warms up like now, but they really like this one. It's a little easier than some of the other ones we do," said Schoentag.

The 19 scouts reached their goal, and they hope to have new equipment for a camping trip in July.

During a previous can and bottle drive, Boy Scout Troop 500 donated a $1000 to two families and the school in Parkersburg after the tornado.

The next can drive is scheduled for around labor day.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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